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Gospel of Matthew - Chapter 6

In this episode, we delve into Matthew chapter 6, uncovering the timeless wisdom shared by Jesus on matters of piety, prayer, and priorities. Join Fr. Michael as he unpacks the significance of genuine acts of faith, the intimate nature of prayer, and the transformative power of the Lord's Prayer.


  • He encourages seeking God's kingdom and righteousness first, assuring that all necessary things will be provided.
  • Jesus warns against practicing piety before men to be seen by them, as it leads to no reward from God.
  • Jesus emphasizes the intimate and personal nature of prayer, instructing his followers to pray in secret to their Father in heaven, who will reward them.
  • The Lord's Prayer highlights reverence for God's name, the desire for His kingdom to come and His will to be done, the request for daily sustenance, the importance of forgiveness, and seeking deliverance from evil.
  • Jesus highlights the importance of having a sound eye, indicating the need for discernment and guarding against sinful influences.
  • Jesus concludes by urging his followers not to be anxious about the future, as each day brings its own concerns.