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Gospel of Matthew - Chapter 7

This week, Fr. Michael Garcia dives deep into Matthew chapter 7, delving further into the teachings of Jesus, the significance of the number seven in the Gospel, and the path to holiness. Check out this episode to uncover the valuable insights that Fr. Michael shares from the Bible and how they can be applied to our daily lives.


  • The number seven plays a significant role in Matthew - seven petitions in "Our Father," 14 (7 x 2) generations, seven Beatitudes, seven parables, and seven diatribes against Pharisees.
  • Verse 1-5: Emphasizes the importance of self-reflection before judging others. Verse 6: Could possibly mean not to give what is holy to unclean entities, interpreted either as unclean animals or non-Jews (gentiles). Verse 7-12: Encourages asking God in prayer for what you need, especially for holiness, not worldly desires.
  • Verse 13-14: The narrow, hard path leading to life and holiness is emphasized over the wide, easy path leading to destruction. Verse 15-20: Emphasizes discerning false prophets by their actions (fruits), rather than their words.
  • Verse 21-23: Reminds that claiming to know God is not enough, one must also act in accordance to His teachings. Verse 24-27: Explains that following Jesus' teachings gives one a strong, steadfast foundation, much like building a house on a rock, rather than sand. Verse 28: Expresses the crowd's astonishment at Jesus' teachings which were delivered with authority and love.