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Gospel of Matthew - Chapter 10

In this episode, we delve into Matthew chapter 10, where Jesus gathers his handpicked apostles and commissions them to proclaim his teachings. As we explore the names and backgrounds of the twelve apostles, we discover the significance of their role in passing on the faith. Jesus prepares them for the challenges they will face, emphasizing the eternal over the temporal and urging them not to fear persecutions. We examine the profound message of prioritizing love for God above all else, even within families. Join Fr. Michael as he unpacks the powerful lessons and encouragement Jesus imparts to his disciples in their mission to spread the gospel.


  • Jesus gathers his apostles who will be sent to proclaim his teachings. The apostles are handpicked by Jesus and their successors will carry on the faith. Jesus gives the apostles authority over unclean spirits and the power to heal diseases and infirmities.
  • Jesus sends the apostles to the Jewish communities first to receive the good news. The apostles are instructed to proclaim the kingdom of heaven, heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse lepers, and cast out demons. They are told to rely on God's providence and not carry any money or provisions. If a house or town is receptive, they should stay there, but if not, they should shake off the dust and move on.
  • Persecutions and trials are expected, and Jesus assures them that the Spirit will speak through them. Following the gospel may cause division even within families, and the love for God should be above all else. Jesus warns about the coming challenges and encourages his disciples not to fear. He emphasizes the importance of the eternal soul over the temporal body.
  • Jesus assures that God knows and cares for his disciples, and they should proclaim the gospel boldly. He reminds them not to fear those who can only harm the body but to fear God who can destroy both body and soul. The disciples are encouraged to acknowledge Jesus before others, and he will acknowledge them before God.
  • Jesus declares that he brings a sword, causing division, even within families, due to people's resistance to the gospel.
  • The disciples are reminded to prioritize their love for God over their love for family members.