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Gospel of Matthew - Chapter 18

As Jesus continues his journey towards Jerusalem, he imparts crucial lessons to his disciples. Using a child as a powerful symbol, Jesus highlights the virtues of humility and complete dependence on God. He warns against causing others to stumble, urging us to be vigilant and resist temptation. Through vivid language, Jesus emphasizes the gravity of sin and the importance of making every effort to avoid it.


  • In Galilee, Jesus foretells his delivery into the hands of men, his death, and his resurrection, causing great distress among the disciples.
  • Jesus warns against causing others to stumble or sin, using strong language to convey the seriousness of leading others astray.
  • Temptations to sin are inevitable, but individuals are called to resist and not stumble.
  • Jesus advises taking extreme measures to avoid sin, using hyperbolic language to emphasize the seriousness of the consequences.
  • Jesus paints a vivid picture of hell, referencing the dump near the temple mount where pagan sacrifices and burning trash took place, to underscore the undesirable outcome of choosing sin over righteousness.