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Gospel of Matthew - Chapter 23

In this episode, Fr. Michael takes us into Matthew Chapter 23, where Jesus addresses the scribes and Pharisees, calling out their hypocrisy and oppressive practices. With piercing words, he unveils the stark contrast between their outward appearances and inner corruption.


  • In Chapter 23 of the Gospel of Matthew, Jesus addresses the crowds and disciples, speaking about the scribes and Pharisees. He acknowledges their authority as teachers but criticizes their lack of practice. Jesus criticizes the Pharisees for burdening people with unnecessary rules and regulations. He points out their desire for recognition and honor in public.
  • Jesus warns against the abuse of titles and emphasizes that God is the ultimate authority. He teaches that the greatest should be a servant and those who exalt themselves will be humbled. Jesus condemns the Pharisees for hindering people from entering the kingdom of heaven. He criticizes their hypocrisy and lack of justice, mercy, and faith. Jesus compares them to whitewashed tombs, appearing clean on the outside but filled with impurity. He accuses them of building tombs for the prophets while their actions align with those who killed them.
  • esus foretells that prophets, wise men, and scribes will be persecuted, including the early Christians. He laments over Jerusalem, expressing his desire to gather its people but recognizing their rejection.
  • Jesus pronounces the desolation of Jerusalem and implies the final judgment.