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Advent and the Virtue of Hope

Advent season is underway and it marks the beginning of a new liturgical year. Advent is a term derived from the Latin "Adventus" meaning "coming" or "arrival," and the season is a journey of spiritual preparation for the coming of Christ.


  • Holy Day of Obligation Dec. 8th
  • Holiday Mass Schedule
  • What is Advent?
  • The Theological Virtue of Hope


  • Hope is traditionally seen as one of three theological virtues, alongside faith and love, each having distinct yet interconnected meanings.
  • Definitions of hope vary widely; it can be seen as aspirational, a source of encouragement, a form of positive thinking, or as a driving force in challenging times.
  • Pope Francis highlights the significance of hope, cautioning against the temptation of anxiety and emphasizing the need for patience and commitment in pursuing dreams.
  • Hope enables individuals to recover from mistakes and start anew, representing a pivotal aspect of resilience.
  • In the Hebrew Scriptures, hope is closely tied to everyday life and is expected to be fulfilled within an individual's lifetime, emphasizing a present-oriented mindset with specific goals.
  • Hope is often seen as directly coming from God, establishing a strong link between hope and divine providence.
  • Hope is relational, strengthening the bond between the individual and God, especially in challenging times, as illustrated in Isaiah 50:10.
  • The Hebrew Scriptures present hope as both an individual and communal experience, deeply intertwined with one's relationship with God.
  • There is a distinction between hope placed in God and secular hope; the former is fulfilling, while the latter often leads to disappointment.
  • Hope, as portrayed in the Hebrew Scriptures, is transformative, portraying God's ability to change negative circumstances into positive ones and create new beginnings.