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The Meaning of the Nativity Scene

In this episode, we preview St Coleman’s upcoming Grief Seminar by chatting with John Reininger, LMHC, who will lead 2 sessions in January. Then, we reflect on the meaning of the Nativity Scene by sharing highlights of Pope Francis’ Apostlic Letter on the Nativity.


  • Holiday Mass Time in the bulletin and on the website
  • Preview of St Coleman Grief Seminar in Jan 2024 with John Reininger, LMHC
  • Keep Focused on Spiritual Matters During Advent
  • The Meaning of the Nativity
  • The History of the Christmas Creche


  • The Nativity scene is a beloved Catholic tradition during Advent and Christmas.
  • Pope Francis wrote a beautiful apostolic letter in 2019 highlighting its meaning and significance.
  • Pope Francis' admiration for the Nativity scene: He describes it as a "tender and evocative image" that captures the essence of the Christmas story.
  • Symbolism of the Nativity scene elements: The stable represents humility, Mary and Joseph are the first witnesses, and the figures remind us of God's love and compassion.
  • The Nativity scene as a tool for evangelization: By having one in your home, you share the Gospel message with visitors. Its simplicity makes it accessible to all ages and backgrounds.
  • Promoting peace and justice: The Nativity scene reminds us to care for the vulnerable and work towards a more just society. It can be a tool for dialogue and fraternity, fostering understanding and harmony.
  • St. Francis of Assisi started the Creche tradition in 1223 after visiting the Holy Land. He wanted people to experience Christ's birth in a personal way.
  • The Nativity scene is more than just decoration; it's a reminder of faith, hope, and God's love.
  • Setting up a Nativity scene is a form of evangelization, sharing the story of Christ's birth with the world.